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Work area access

Door width:
Shall we remove existing plants before planting?
If yes, please provide a photo of the plants to be removed at:
*Any addition or undeclared situation may incur additional costs.


Standard fountain installation (max 42 ’’ basin):
The client must provide a firm and stable base, slightly raised (4-5cm) from the ground level. If not existing, there is the possibility of installation at the customer's expense at an hourly rate of $ 50.00 / hour per technician. The electrical installation is the responsibility of the customer. We do not provide electrical installation services.

Additional costs will be expected if:
Non standard fountain - Fiberglass basin
Automatic filler
Additional pump
Various hardware (collar, pipe, glue etc.)



Please send us the following photos at
  • A picture of your purchase invoice from Jasmin
  • A picture of the planting location if the planting is in front of the residence
  • A picture of the location of the plantation as well as a photo of the access to the site if the plantation is behind the residence

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