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Design and planning of a landscaping project

The realization of a landscaping must reflect a certain mastery of the space and its components. Each of the elements that inhabit the garden plays a crucial role in the general appearance of it.

That's why it's important to have the right tools when it comes to designing landscaping. The use of professional services will allow you to establish a development plan in collaboration with landscape architects. Intended to better understand your needs and plan your investment in a precise manner, this plan will also provide you with a variety of relevant information relating to the design, construction and maintenance of your project components.

The consultation process begins with a meeting during which a designer will discuss your tastes and expectations with you while taking into account the physical characteristics of the space to be developed. This meeting will allow us to suggest innovative solutions and guide you towards the options that will best meet your needs.


Once the development plan is established, we will determine with you the details of the implementation of your project. Enjoy peace of mind by entrusting the realization of your landscaping to experienced professionals who have your satisfaction at heart. Whether it is the redevelopment of your flowerbeds, the planting of plants or the installation of paving stones, our team will ensure that each stage of the work is carried out on budget and on time.

We can also:
- Intervene in the redevelopment of flower beds, the planting of plants, trees, annuals, bulbs.
- Inert materials (paving stone, natural stone, etc.) hold no secrets for us, and we can make walls, patios, parking lots and paths.

Garden Maintenance

Those of you who don't have a green thumb or have a busy schedule will be happy to be able to call on our horticultural maintenance service. Your garden will never have looked so proud when our specialized staff will ensure periodic maintenance adapted to the peculiarities of your outdoor space (redefine the natural cut borders, pruning perennials and plants at the appropriate time, adding compost or organic fertilizer, etc.). Entrusting the maintenance of your garden to our team makes you benefit at all times from the advantages of a most successfull landscaping.

Creation of a water garden

A water garden can be a real oasis of relaxation and create a most enchanting setting. Les aménagements paysagers Sol Vert has specialized for several years in the design and construction of harmonious and original water gardens. Let our experts advise on the most suitable materials and aquatic plants for your project. Our qualified staff will be happy to provide you with tips and tricks that will allow you to properly maintain your water garden so that you can get the most out of your facilities.

Interior design and plant design

It is not only the gardens and outdoor spaces that can benefit from a redevelopment with floral accents. Sol Vert landscaping offers a unique interior design service that integrates natural or artificial plants into your decor that will create a warm and invigorating atmosphere in your home or business premises. Our team of experts will select with you the plants appropriate to the particular characteristics of your environment. This practical and comprehensive service also includes specific maintenance for your interior fittings. Our staff will discreetly and professionally provide various services adapted to the plants integrated into your decor (rotation, watering, fertilization, etc).

Design and layout consultation

Our team of professionals offers consulting services in design and landscaping issues. Whatever the nature of your questions or your concerns, do not hesitate to contact us for various information, for example soil preparation before work is carried out, geomembrane repair, drainage problems, and more. We will also be happy to assist you with the choice and arrangement of plants that will meet your requirements as well as those of your environment. Our advisers are even able to provide you with information on insurance claims and provide you with a post-disaster estimate.

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